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The telecom business has soared over the last decade. From a burgeoning industry just a few decades ago, it has now transformed into one of the leading industries in the world and it is still growing in the present. The prevalence of the mobile phone has been instrumental to the growth of this industry. Thanks to literally millions and millions of people now owning mobile phones of their own, the industry has managed to consistently rake in some of the most significant profit margins of any industry in the world. The need for communication will always exist and now the mobile phone is the primary means of doing so. This only means good things for the people in the business of telecommunications.

Dubai is a center for culture and business and the latter in particular has quite a base in this city. The Emirate is closely associated with business. Dozens of businesses have made their way to this city to get their own slice of the pie and the trend only figures to continue. There are also businesses that exist within the country that are also undergoing a period of significant growth. The telecom industry in particular is showing significant promise. One company that is largely responsible for this growth is none other than du.

du is one of the two largest telecom companies in the region. It provides the city’s residents with all the features and services that they would expect from a telecom company. Offering domestic services to the emirate such as fixed landline telephone service, as well as a wide range of pre-paid and post-paid mobile phone services. The company also specialises in very high speed home broadband connections of upto 100Mb/s and a wide range of TV channels in an extensive cable TV offering. This business has established itself as a force in the industry and its growth is only continuing.

du is already a telecom giant in its own way but it still has a lot of room left for growth. The company is widely viewed to be one of the smarter investments available on the market. The promise of growth is real and the stocks can climb in value a great deal over just a short period of time. du has managed to exceed expectations on the market and sooner than later a massive amount of profit is headed towards its investors. There is never a sure thing when it comes to money and in particular when it comes to the stock market. This company however, figures to be an exception as it is showing itself to be a genuine powerhouse in the business world.

du features different personalities at its helm. This diversity allows for unique takes on the market as well as for the emergence of brilliant business ideas. With these brilliant minds operating the company, the future is certainly bright for both stockholders and employees alike.

The telecom industry is continuing to grow. It will not be slowing down any time soon. Dubai is a central figure in the global economy and the same is true for its telecom industry. du is at the heart of Dubai’s communication industry and it will continue to be a big part of it in the future.

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