Al Karama

Al Karama, commonly known by the name Karama, is an old district in the city of Dubai. One can easily differentiate this area from the rest of Dubai because of low-rise residential buildings present here.

Basically, Karama is a residential area of Dubai. However, it is also known as an place where one can find cheap furniture items and counterfeit branded things like gadgets, watches, handbags etc… it is quite popular among the localities and the foreign visitors because of the very cheap bargain shopping that goes on in the markets. You can negotiate the price of the goods with the vendors and then end up paying a lot less than what you would have paid elsewhere. One would also find a number of restaurants here which provide pretty decent food at affordable rates. Other than the fast food and local Arabic food, one can also try Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Malaysian and Chinese food here.

The district is only 2 sq. kilometers in size; however still it is the most populous residential place in the city. It also has a lot of attractions. This is where you will find the technology-themed park called ZabeelPark. The 50 million dollar technology park divides Al Karama from huge skyscrapers of Sheikh Zayed Road and the famous landmark of Dubai World Trade Centre. On the west side of the district is the very famous BurJuman mall where a lot of people come to satisfy their shopping taste.

Most of the people living here belong to middle class, although you would still find the diversity of Dubai here with a lot of people from various other parts of the world. The people here are mostly not locals, so they have to ,a href=””>rent housing. The rent in Karama is rising as the living standard of people is changing very rapidly.

The area has its own elevated metro station with entries from both sides of the road. People can go from one side to the other side through the air-conditioned pedestrian bridge. If you are interested in the things happening around in the district, then you can read the area’s very own magazine called, “The Karama Buzz”. At the centre of the area you will find the Karama Centre – a residential building which is located near the mosque. One can also check out the KaramaPark; also commonly known by name lulu. Everyday a number of children and adults come here to play and relax in a peaceful environment.

This area has started to gain a lot of attention in recent years because of the self-contained apartments that are available at much cheaper rates as compared to other expensive districts of Dubai. With growing population, it is becoming more difficult than ever to find parking space as almost everyone has a car these days. If you want to live in this area, then it is high time for you to rent an affordable place for yourself so that you can get in before the area gets so crowded that it wouldn’t be able to fit you in.

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